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Klopp CMB Manual and CEB Electric Bagging Coin Counters

Klopp CMB and CEB bagging coin counters for sale are designed to count and bag large quantities of loose presorted coins and tokens. These Klopp coin counters can be adjusted to count almost any size coin or token and provide an affordable solution any organization or business that handles one type of bulk coins. These counters do not batch or package coins but provide a total count for one type of coin only. Perfect for businesses that dispense, collect and recycle coins or tokens such as laundry mats, arcades, casinos and car washes. These money counters will pay for themselves time and time again and you will wonder how you ever managed without them.
klopp bagging coin counter machine Klopp bagging only coin counter has the same construction as the Models CM and CE, but it counts and bags, one coin only. You specify what coin to bag. This coin counter does not wrap but includes all-purpose bagging tube for bagging coins. KLOPP's New Bagging coin counting machines will count and bag coins at a speed of 1,400 pieces/min. Available in Manual (CMB) or Electric (CEB) models, these Klopp coin counters are portible and they make perfect coin counting machines for replenishing your bill changers or filling your bank bags for deposit. These coin counters are equipped with a bagging tube attachment for bagging your coin and include a 1-year warranty of parts and labor. Made in the USA.
Klopp Bagging Only Coin Counter
Price $899.00 with free shipping and handling within the 48 states.

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