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Kiddie Ride Parts - Coin Boxes - Timer Controls & Sound Boards

Replacement kiddie ride parts, kids ride coin boxes, timer controls and sound boards for all coin operated kiddie rides. The most common required replacement parts for coin operated kids rides are the coin box, game timer unit and sound board. Many kiddie rides where designed to be placed outside under roof eaves where they can be accessible at all times. Unfortunately many times thieves break-in to the machines and often the coin box will take a beating. We sell replacement kiddie ride coin boxes that contain all the parts needed to collect coins, start and time the ride duration. These coin boxes are universal to all kiddie rides and can also be used on many other devices that collect coins and need to be timed for operation. Massage chairs, lighting systems and sun tan machines are but a few of the machines that can use these boxes. Not only do we carry the coin boxes but we have coin entry parts, coin mechanisms and lock assemblies. We have several styles of electronic timer control units that are simple to install and will replace the older mechanical timer units found on older kiddie ride machines. It is usually just a matter of connecting the supply 110VAC, the ride's motor unit, sound board and coin trip switch wires to the timer control unit for everything to work correctly. We even have timer units with built-in sound boards to simplify the timer and sound board into one box.
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