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Change Machines - Coin, Token, Bill Money Changers

Complete line of new Change Machines by Standard Change Makers for sale including coin, token and bill changers. We carry money changers that can convert paper money into coins, tokens, tickets and even other denominations of bills. Many businesses can benefit from these machines including car washes, laundry mats, arcades, colleges or anywhere change is needed. They allow you to satisfy your customers and increase your sales while reducing labor costs by not having to have workers take the time to make change. Our most popular changers convert bills to coins or tokens. We also have machines that can change coins into tokens, bills into smaller bills and change. We even have credit card accepting change machines that will dispense coins or bills after charging customers credit cards. Ticket vending machines provide easy dispensing of tickets in exchange for money and are ideal for parking garages, fairs, carnivals, special events and more. They will save lots of labor cost and are available in both front loading and rear loading models. Each change machine can be mounted on optional bases, onto vending equipment or in a wall.

front loading bill to coin change machines
Front Load
Coin Changers
rear loading bill to coin change machines
Rear Loading
Change Machines
credit card change machines
Credit Card
Change Machines
bill changers - bill changing machines
Bill Changers &
Bill Exchanger Machines
combination coin & bill changers
Combination Coin &
Bill Changers
token change machines
Token Change Machines
ticket dipenser vending machines
Ticket Vending Machines
ticket eaters
Ticket Eaters
belt coin changers
Belt Coin Changers

All these changers feature cabinets constructed of rugged, heavy steel, for maximum security. high performance optical and magnetic sensors are combined with advanced technology to deliver a better, more accurate acceptance of genuine currency. Flexibility of security levels allows the owner to determine the level of security desired for each denomination of bill and the ability to restrict the acceptance of selected denominations. Extensive testing combined with quality control assures accurate, reliable performance. Ordinary maintenance on these money changers does not require special tools, expensive or high tech equipment. Socketed e-prom software provides the change machine owner with an easy method of upgrading for currency changes or program enhancements. Built in battery with a 10-year life maintains memory during a power loss.

These Standard change machines have hopper capacities from $800.00 in quarters to $3200.00 and bill stacker capacities from 500 bills to 3200 bills. There is a change machine for every need. Be sure to check out our money changer machines that are two complete units in one cabinet for high useage areas. These change machines contain two complete bill acceptors and two or more coin hoppers for long uninterrupted useage and extra reliability. Also be sure to check out the ticket vendor machine which allows tickets to be vended from $1 each to $99 each and there is even a model that gives change back for uneven dollar sales amounts.

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